1. W

    Savage LRP 260AI SSS Custom

    Savage F-class style model 12 for sale Action: R bolt, L load, R eject Fluted bolt as shown Sharp Shooters Supply trigger 2-4 oz (est) No safety Bolt lift kit-very smooth Slimmed bolt knob Light weight firing pin spring installed by SSS. Savage stock Bedded. 260 Ackley barrel-unsure of...
  2. R

    When to sell full custom?

    I have noticed over the years that full custom rigs sell better at different times of year. What are yalls thoughts on when the best time of year to sell a high end rifle. Just FYI the rifle in question is a RedRock ELR 300 Norma improved with the big Huskemaw Scope, 3 turrets for different...
  3. W

    Elrso - extreme long range shooting organization

    Great news for all of us ELR shooters. It looks like there will be even more ELR events on the calendar this year. elrso.com https://www.facebook.com/elrso/
  4. D

    U.S. Optics ER-25 RDP MIL reticle

    U.S. Optics ER-25 RDP MIL reticle $1,800 Scope is in great condition, glass perfect. Great reticle for long range hunting narrow lines don't hide your target. Used for less than 300 rounds. No trades, funding a new build. Have questions, just ask.
  5. Rex Tibor

    Howdy! I am Rex Tibor (aka TiborasaurusRex)

    Howdy, fellow long range hunters! My name is Rex! I am pleased to be a new member of the community here! I have been reading articles and reading through the forums here for many years! Quick Introduction: I am a guitar player! I enjoy extreme long range (ELR) precision shooting! I am a...

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