deer hunting

  1. P

    Supressed or not

    I am a very new hunter. So far I have shot in competitions. I am a big proponent of shooting suppressed because I really like my ears and reduces recoil. I would assume it would even make more sense shooting with a can when hunting, otherwise I will have to wear ear plugs all day. I realise that...
  2. adictosacazar

    Hunt Ibex, Chamois, Stag, Mouflon.

    Book your Spain Hunt for 2022 / 2023! Booking Fee 500 euros per animal the rest paid on arrival! Bowhunters Welcome! Website: Send me an Email: [email protected]
  3. K

    Next Rifle Decision Help

    I have been trying to decide on a route to go for a new rifle for my brother but can't come to a final conclusion so I am looking for help. I am not sure whether to go with a higher-end factory rifle such as a fierce or a 2020 waypoint but also whether to go for a custom build either by me...
  4. adictosacazar

    Roe Deer.

    Spain has some great Roe Deer, hope you like them.
  5. adictosacazar

    Stag on the Wall.

    Stag from the Last season on the Wall! Location: Spain
  6. adictosacazar

    Deer's from our last season.

    Cant wait for this season to start, this are some great ones we took last season in our Spain area, hope you like them: Rifle: .270WSM Christensen. Ammo: Federal Premium Ammunition
  7. Jack300WSM

    6.5 PRC performance on deer

    I’m getting ready to rebarrel one of my 700’s. I’ve been wanting to try 6.5 PRC for awhile now. Got the dies, and getting components (if/when they come available). I’ve got an uncle who kills a lot of deer but he said for some reason the 6.5 PRC punched holes in three whitetails, they all ran...
  8. adictosacazar

    Stag Down.

    Hope you like this Stag we hunted last season in our Spain area.
  9. T

    Whitetail POI...... What’s your intended Target?

    Been hunting 25 years, Have seen a lot from hair pickers to those who unfortunately break the shot soon as they see brown. I myself am a heart shooter. Some hunters aim for lungs, shoulders, or neck. What’s your intended POI and why? Ie: do you try to preserve as much meat as possible? Are...
  10. Nimrodmar10

    That's One Fine Looking Cartridge

    Sitting here on the last day of Tennessee's Deer Season. The sun is shining, it's a warm 50 degrees. I don't expect to see any bucks big enough to shoot, but I just spotted a fist sized rock at 360 yards. What the heck, why not. So dialed up 4.75 MOA elevation and 1.5 MOA left wind and sent a...
  11. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Save 1000$ on Packlite Titanium Rellik riffles by Straight Jacket Armory

    Save 1,000.00! Regular 5,250.00 now just 4,250.00 Packlite Rellik Titanium rifles On sale until 6/17/18 Orders will ship mid to late August. Just in time for you hunt! As always we provide 2 days of long range training with your purchase on our private range in Evanston Wyoming. Long or short...
  12. Tuler

    Scent Elimination for a long range hunt?

    We're heading back to Idaho this year to hunt elk and deer. Typically it's a 200+ yard shot, but we have shot elk in the 30-yard range before (which shocked us as much as the elk). A buddy and I were talking about scent elimination and he was recommending that I should get some from a company...
  13. RSRW

    Best round for deer & hog hunting

    Hi folks, I’m posting this here because I did not know where else to. I’m am about to buy a new rifle for deer and hog hunting. Was thinking .308, but I wanted to get some input if you all thought there was a better caliber for these types of hunts. Thank you in advance for any information.
  14. C

    280 AI long range accubonds

    Has anyone noticed any difference in performance on game between the long range AB and the original Accubond? Going to be using a 280ai. 26” tube. Also any load data or advice would be helpful this is my first 280ai. Deer, coyotes are the game here 400-500 yards max. Thank you.
  15. J

    181 gr Hammer Hunters

    I had the chance of of testing out these in my 300 WM today. Shot great. Now to load more and try them out to 500 and 800 yds.These were at 100 yds trying different charges.
  16. J

    Just a Heads Up on Game Bags

    Black Ovis Game Bags on Camofire today.
  17. B

    Still need the perfect long range elk gun

    Well, building my second savage 300 win mag took a detour and ended up heavier than I originally planned. Mcrees G10 chassis still was not available so I went with the G7 (5lbs instead of 3.5), called Northland Shooter Supply for another barel and I guess the APA micro bastard brake requires...
  18. J

    Robar SR-90 .308 For Sale

    I have a SR-90 for sale low rd count in great shape. Shoots Factory Federal Gold Medal Match under 1/2 MOA as well hand loads. Load data provided to buyer. Please send me contact info for pics and additional info. This is a great rifle hate to sell but it has become a safe queen and there are...