1. Overkill338

    US869 in the .300 RUM

    Have any of you tried it and will it work with 225gr ELD-M? It's the only powder I have found that MIGHT actually work. Thanks
  2. indabush


    Remington 700 Sendero chambered in 300 Weatherby
  3. J

    Which rifle

    Have the option at buying a donor rifle never had a Winchester but I think they are a good deal winchester model 70 shadow 7wsm with a leupold vx1 for 450 Winchester model 70 ss 300 win mag with boss system 400 cant really decide if I want a long action or short action build but which one...
  4. tactlt

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Rifle

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle - 300 Dakota Early (3 digit SN) Custom Built by Don Allen and Pete Grisel co-founder of the American Custom Gun Makers Guild, Extraordinary Tiger Stripe Walnut Stock, Wrap Around Multi-Point Checkering, Shadow Line Cheekpiece, Trigger Guard Floor...
  5. O

    New Elr build

    Hey y’all! So basically, some time ago, I got into long range (ultra long range)...ended up building a 338 lapua improved...I got an offer that I couldn’t refuse and now the money’s burning a hole in my pocket. Just kidding, but I’m going to pull my hair out if I don’t get back to shooting. I’m...
  6. huntinherrrington

    300 sherman build

    This is a much delayed build. Mostly because I just put it on the back burner. In March 2017 I contacted Greg at SPR to build a Remage Bugnut barrel in 300 Sherman. Also, I bought whidden loading and hydro form dies from Rich along with a go gauge. There have been several delays along the way...
  7. S


  8. B

    $1,500 to spend, what to get for a gun

    I've got a $1,500 credit at a local big box store. Want to get a new LR hunting rifle. Something that can take down elk and use for longer shots. possibly moose too. Preference is lighter weight, would like a muzzle break but not necessarily needed. thinking at 300 win mag, or similar caliber...
  9. ovastafford

    Custom 300 WSM Rem 700 DCGS Mcmillan Krieger

    Custom 300 WSM built on a Remington 700 short action by Dan Glover of Dan's Custom Guns. Fluted 26" Krieger Sendero contour barrel, PTG bolt, Badger Ordnance 20 moa rail screws opened up to larger 8-48 size and pinned on, Wyatts extended mag box, PTG BDL bottom metal, McMillan Game Warden...
  10. B

    Still need the perfect long range elk gun

    Well, building my second savage 300 win mag took a detour and ended up heavier than I originally planned. Mcrees G10 chassis still was not available so I went with the G7 (5lbs instead of 3.5), called Northland Shooter Supply for another barel and I guess the APA micro bastard brake requires...
  11. Colt77845

    WTB: 300RUM DBM

    Wanted to see if anyone has a seekins DBM for the 300 rum laying around or knows someone who does
  12. ovastafford

    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated/Reduced Custom Hart Build Rem 700 300 RUM

    SOLD. Custom Remington 700 300 Rem Ultra Mag put together by Hart Barrels. Rem 700 Action Jewell Trigger HS Precision Camo Adjustable Stock Wyatts Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal 2-5 round mags and one 8 round. Hart 27" 1-10 Twist MedHvy Barrel Badger Ordnance Muzzle Brake Badger Ordnance 20...
  13. R

    Bartlein Rem 700 300 RUM

    3oo Ultra Mag built on trued Remington 700. Pinned recoil lug. 27" bartlien sendero contour barrel. Stockeys LRC bedded stock, Harrels Precision brake. Has Wyatts CFE-9 magazine box that allows COAL of 3.990". Shoots the 230 Bergers and 212 ELDX 1/2 moa. Includes 20 moa EGW rail. For fastest...
  14. 3

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS .300 Win Mag Reloading Supplies ***SOLD***

    I am moving up to a .338 Edge in place of my .300 Win Mag for long range I am looking to sell: RCBS dies: FL, NK and seater Brass--Win--Roughly 200 cases--some is prepped, some is not 2 boxes Berger 210 VLDs in .308 I also have a HS precision stock for LA Rem 700 for sale--never been...
  15. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a Savage Magnum Action, cheap

    Like the title states. Complete gun, action only, etc. As long as it's got the magnum boltface and is LA. I just inherited a nice barrel cut for a Savage so I thought I'd try to build it up. The cheaper the better. Thanks for looking.