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The best of both worlds can be had with this new release. Light enough to pack yet powerful enough to deliver precision long range shots, this scope is a very well rounded choice. It also incorporates the BD-High Definition lens coatings to deliver superior low light performance. Let the patented custom BDC turrets change the way you hunt!



The Huskemaw 5-20 Rifle Scope is the most advanced Ballistic Compensating rifle scope available. With technical advancements like True BC, the Rapid Field Ballistic Compensator and our simple yet powerful Hunt Smart range finding and windage compensating reticle.


This new offering sets a new standard that will cause the competition to step up if they want to compete at this level. Unique features include patent...


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Make sure that the sun does not mess with your shot of a lifetime!
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Huskemaw Power Throw Lever forĀ 5-30x56 Scopes

Fits 3-12x42, 4-16x42 and 5-20x50 Blue Diamond scopes. The Huskemaw Optics scopecoat is constructed of high quality 5mm thick neoprene laminated with...

Black MOA turret for 3-12, 4-16, 5-20 Scopes Picture shows blue but we carry black.


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