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    Cell Camera Addiction!

    I agree its just like Christmas everytime a notification goes off. I got my first cellular camera a month ago. After 3 weeks of getting nothing done due to always checking notifications i had to turn of notifications 😒. Its very addictive if your not careful
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    27 nosler vs 270 wby

    Both are great cartridges but as been stated you can't compare custom loads versus one size fits all loads. I run a 270/26 Nosler and have it throated for 170 bergers on 27 inch bartlein barrel. My current load is 3250 with the 170s and I could maybe go over 3300 but never tried since it...
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    270 WSM or 27 Nosler build for 170 Bergers

    I have a 270/26 Nosler built with a 26 in bartlein barrel throated for the 170 Berger on surgeon action. If efficiency is a concern the 270 wsm is a better choice if not I'd go with 27 Nosler. If your looking to maximize the 27 Nosler in my opinion your better off forming brass from other...
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    Sherman wildcat prefit barrels

    This would be great. I would love a 6.5 or 270 SS prefit for a savage
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    Norma 26 Nolser brass

    I always thought Norma made Nosler brass as well but than I started finding the Norma brass for 26 Nosler Norma Brass - 26 Nosler - 100 Pieces - The Extreme Store Midway and a few other sites are selling it
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    Norma 26 Nolser brass

    Wondering if anybody has any experience with the Norma brass for the 26 Nolser. Step up from nolser brass in this cartridge?
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    Plunger style ejector tension

    I am wondering if the spring tension on the plunger of a surgeon action needs to be adjusted. I've recently had a rifle built off of a surgeon action and I appear to be getting ejector rings on the brass earlier than I think I should. When I originally picked up the rifle I tried loading a...
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    Best bullet for a moose hunt

    Hammer bullets are an excellent choice
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    Hammer bullet hunting results?

    Thank goodness I'm remodeling the house. A perfect time for French doors. :D
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    Hammer bullet hunting results?

    Yup...270/26 nolser and 156 hammer did the job well. :):) Turns out you don't need 338 Lapua's with 300 grain bullets to kill these animals :) Even at 730 yards I still had plenty of knock down.:D
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    Hammer bullet hunting results?

    I don't know his score. We flew him out of camp the next day and he was dropped off at the taxidermist by a friend. So I've not had a chance to actually measure him.
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    Hammer bullet hunting results?

    Was able to take this guy with 27 cal...156 grain hammer bullet. Couldn't have asked for better results
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    Bullet choice for moose

    I shoot them at a MV 3150. My barrel just loves that velocity because the 170 Bergers shot best at 3130. I also use a BC of .6 G1 since I use an old Horus kestrel. So at that distance velocity is roughly at 2250
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    Bullet choice for moose was roughly 60 miles ATV ride out in the wilderness. A road would have been nice!
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    Bullet choice for moose

    Sorry I can't go into a lot of details because once we got him it took several days for the excitement to go away and I didn't really spend anytime while boning him out looking at the performance. But I can tell you the bull was quartering slightly away and the bullet entered just behind...