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    Congratulations Rich! Pretty cool having quality headstamped brass with your name on it! Ray
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    New test brass came in and i plan on running through a Smart Scope for dimensions. Anxious to see how this brass runs through my 6.5ss Warner dies. I know i will have to neck turn this sample brass but should not have to with production lot. Ray
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    The Good The Bad and The Ugly About Yor 6.5 Sherman Short

    What's not to like about the 6.5ss! I push a 147 eld at close to 3,250 fps in a 30" nitrited Krieger barrel and my barrel is tighter than most. Maybe due to Nitriting? Brass would be only issue if you are not a seasoned reloader...however the new ADG brass will be a game changer for sure. This...
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    My 6.5 Sherman rifle and load development thread

    You should easily get 3200 fps. Maybe pushing 3,250 safely with N570 Ray
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    338 Lapua Ackley Improved Load Help

    HBN works well for it's intended purpose. Low ES and much easier to clean. I have had no problems with HBN that I can think of. Ray
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    338 Lapua Ackley Improved Load Help

    Stiller TAC-338 COL 4.020 ? No pressure Easy bolt lift Rifle has good node, could run a little faster but no need for me.
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    338 Lapua Ackley Improved Load Help

    I am running 3,025fps with 285 eld's and 100.5g Retumbo. My 30" Lilja barrel is HBN coated and so are bullets. Extremely accurate combo. Ray
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    Need A Long Range 6.5 Caliber

    Tell them what you really know!! Ray
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    This is good info, thanks! I am running 147's @ 3240fps and 60.5 N570 with a Nitrited 30" barrel. This lil gun is a shooter. Ray
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    6.5 Sherman Shortmag Load Data

    Hi Mike, I have found the formed brass to be a little thick at neck shoulder junction. For me anyway this was fixed using reamer to remove material in this area. Do you feel it becomes harder to seat bullet the last little bit? If so, you might have a donut in this area. I too was getting ring...
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    6.5 Sherman Shortmag Load Data

    Been there done that! Late here is Colorado. I will tell you how I am getting around all things you describe in the morn. Ray
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    Old Men think differently

    Was the old man from Alabama named Roy Moore? Ray
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    147 ELD-M results on elk

    2 shirts extra large o_O Below everything else "I think I can, I think I can" Lol! Ray