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    Is any body as frustrated as I am? No Powder to buy!

    very frustrated,maybe one day we can make an order
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    Ballistic Calculator NEED HELP

    I know how you feel,I loved that site and used it many times myself.Now its just shows up broke or not in use
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    tight primer pockets

    Let me guess you brass was once "superformance" 178gn loads.Soon after it came out ( superformance ammo ) a lot of guys that tried it had problems from the get go.So Hornady now crimps the primers in on the 178gn,not sure about the 168gn. Just as said above use your chamfering tool and thing's...
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    223 with 4064 powder ??

    I have used it with 55gn to 75gn bullets with great accuracy.Even today I have a load for 75gn Berger VLD bullets for deer hunting,for the mu baby girl.I want to say its 24gn but not sure,for I haven't had to load any in some toime now.20 rounds last a long time for the baby girl. Just pick a...
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    6mm cm long range load development.

    Go for it it will be a great help to you rather than a butt.We all at one time or another need to walk away from 100 or even 200 yards.Me if I could learn wind then shooting past 500 would be a walk in the park gun)
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    6mm cm long range load development.

    what does the CM stand for ( custom match ) or something else If so then thats the norm for a charge in that case/cal.I too have been wanting one myself if its a 6mm custom match.They burn H1000 under a 115gn bullet really well, giving great accuracy, with many rounds down the tube.I think...
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    Out of the Box: Best Long Range Target Rifle/Caliber/Ammo Combo?

    Easy a 5R milspec,they shoot right out of the box ( with FGMM ammo ) either in 168gn or 175gn SMK.Then put one of the other items said above on it for a scope. And it will be well under your budget.So this leads to buying more ammo.I'd pick the 175gn ( 308 win ) It too comes in a 300wm or...
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    Reloaders for Hire in D/FW area?

    go with Chad he's a really great guy to chat with.He all so knows a 300wm really well,so the 300rum should be in good hands with him.Hate to say it but you can look him up at Snipershide.
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    .308 Win. 180gr. Bullet

    no need to rethink your 1:12 will even run a 200-210gn bullet with the right charge and powder. ( R17,Varget,R15 all come to mind )
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    .308 Win. 180gr. Bullet

    I'd go with the 185gn hybrid or Juggernaunt with 4064.I say 4064 because I have put alot of time into reading on this same combo to wanting and useing it myself,but not yet.The starting load would be 41gn and bullet long.The 24 inch barrel and 1:10 twist should get around 2550 to 2600 fps.I know...
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    .223 recipes

    XBR 8208 has been my best friend with a 69gn NCC ( hint the same bullet )worked up to 24.5 but had pressure,so I went with 24gn.( case over all length is at 2.290 )Now I have worked up a load with a 70gn Berger VLD at 23.5gn and it too shoots great.( all so long )They even blow up at the fps...
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    hey man you still around been a long time for us.How about sending me a chat,,,,John

    hey man you still around been a long time for us.How about sending me a chat,,,,John
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    anyone useing Alliant 4000 ina 300wm

    Hey guys/gals I have been wanting to change up some things for some time now.I have choose the 200gn Berger Hybrid for my bullet for it can be loaded at a mag length and its midrange in weight.My need is a powder and I am thinking of trying Alliant 4000mr.My reason is so that I want use up my...
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    Reloading Bench

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    Looking for Load Data .300 WinMag

    I've got good accuracy with a 180gn NBT with 7828.I think it was around 72gn's but not sure.

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