anyone useing Alliant 4000 ina 300wm


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Sep 25, 2009
Cheraw S.C.
Hey guys/gals I have been wanting to change up some things for some time now.I have choose the 200gn Berger Hybrid for my bullet for it can be loaded at a mag length and its midrange in weight.My need is a powder and I am thinking of trying Alliant 4000mr.My reason is so that I want use up my goto powder for another bullet.

So I ask is anyone useing this powder with a close to or same bullet.I too need real world info on temp and pressure for I will be useing this new load in all temps.Plus any other info likes dislike of the powder will help me choose to if I go with this powder.

I too will take any other choices to powder types of choice,just give a good reason to why I should use it. ( not like it rocks )

thanks this is really a must to know thing for me,my rifel counts on your ideas.:D
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