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    Must use 30 cal for moose

    Moose have been harvested with the trusty 30-30 but few will object to the power and effectiveness of that newcomer, the 30-06. It is only 115 years old but is very respectable even for a newcomer.
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    Quickload help

    Thanks for posting those runs! They will help a lot of us. A note of caution about pressures, however: Neither QL nor QRT do well in predicting pressures. This is not a matter of being conservative. Both can under-predict in some situations and significantly under-predict in others...
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    Good factory rifle?

    A lot depends on what your neighbor already shoots and what hunting he plans to do. If he is new to the business, then a light-recoiling rifle and cartridge combination makes more sense than something he will be sure smashes his shoulder with every trigger pull. The 6.5 caliber gets a good...
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    Duct Tape on muzzle brake

    Yes, a suppressor indeed both makes things easier on the shooter's and bystanders' ears. The challenge is that, even, in suppressor-friendly states and jurisdictions, the federal hoops and wait times are a chalenge. Some states still outright ban them.
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    Is the Love Affair Over? (300BO)

    To be picky, the concern for many of us Grendeliers was that the Blackout would eclipse the already existing 6.5 Grendel. After all, it could be said that. ballistically, the Blackout almost perfectly fits the role of the classic 30-30. The Grendel does that and a lot more, except throw...
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    Wow! A busy thread! After having used a 378 Wetherby Magnum as a very young adult I found that a truly lived that rifle. Fast forward to the late 90s from the mid-60s and I discovered hat a long hiatus from shooitng left me a bit recoil averse. I started using a 270 Win instead. Today, my...
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    Duct Tape on muzzle brake

    Pint taken. Nonetheless, enough folks seem to prefer abuse their ears than to get enhanced hearing AND protection, that it had to be said again. One could also acknowledge the old adage about leading horses to water...
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    Duct Tape on muzzle brake

    I use electronic ear muffs and can hear a lot more than when not wearing them. There are also a number of electronic earpluugs, including Walkers, that claim the same I haven't yet tried them. 'Tis really hard to beat a combination of enhanced hearing and ear protection!
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    The 270gr bullet at 3000 fps didn’t take to get tbere but it took about four seconds for rabbit parts to stop falling.
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    Rhino55 gives excellent advice. Too bad not enough of us follow it. As my "failure to heed" his advice, consider this: As one who once used a .378 Wathery Magnum to hunt jackrabbits, I know the value of this question: Aren't we lucky that innovation is giving us so many choices? -- Long...
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    Looking for a versatile cartridge

    The Grendel is truly hard to beat at those ranges. It is available in bolt guns and ars and can b readily implemented on an Encore. Wolf makes steel case ammunition which brings the prices a lot more in line with some of the bargain 223 stuff.
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    Youth - 260 Rem or 25.06??

    I am amazed at the number of votes for the 260! The 25-06 is a better choice for a first big game rife when using factory ammunition only. I will concede, however, that handloading for reduced recoil blurs the differences between two fine cartridges. This also weights a bit in favor of the...
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    Do all rifle???

    Depending on the max range one is willing to harvest at, the 6.5 Grendel, or 6.5 Creedmoor, or 6.5-284 will for fine for the specified game.
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    New Winchester / browning cartridge

    Per SAAMi, the twist is 8” and the 175 gr bullet has a nominal velocity of 2840 fps from a 24”. Your reamer maker will appreciate the link to the specs:
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    Is there such thing as too much gun for sheep?

    Try a .378 Weatherby magnum pushing a 235 gr Speer bullet at about 3200 fps. One might not need to worry about either the pelt or the meat.