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    What Is The Best Hunting Cartridge To 500 yds.

    6.5Creedmoor, 6.5x55, 260 Rem, 6.5-06, 7mm-08, 7x57, 280 Rem, 7x64, 280AI, .308 Win, 30-06
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    Best 7mm bullet out to 600 yds

    Anyone tried the 165gr Sierra Gamechangers? I’ve used them in my 30-06 - very accurate and excellent performance on game out to 450m. Not sure I’d use them much past that though.
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    Which model Tikka?

    This one
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    Lightweight FFP Scope Options for a Backpack Hunter

    Could also consider the Tract Toric UHD 4-20x50. It’s a bit heavy at 34oz but all your other requirements are met...
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    MOA vs MIL

    All my scopes are MOA but MILs would work just as well. We measure in metres here but rangefinders and ballistic apps can handle all combinations of yards/metres and MOA/MILS.
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    One powder to rule them all (30-06)?

    This load works very well in my M70 as well with 165gr Gamechangers and 168gr Tipped Matchkings.
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    Anyone use the new Sierra pointed MKs on game?

    The TMK looks interesting. I’m thinking of a dual load 165Gr TGK for close-up heavy bodied game (Wildebeest, Kudu etc) and the 168gr TMK for longer distances (Springbuck, Gemsbuck). Can’t wait for hunting season to start...
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    6.5 CM Accubonds or ELD-X

    Or a Norma Oryx 156gr. BC’s low but otherwise a very underrated bullet.
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    Why No Love For 270 Ackley Improved?

    Can’t really see the point when the 280 ai comes with factory brass and a wider bullet selection?
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    POLL: Preferred Combination of Turrets and Reticle?

    Metric system here so MIL MIL for me.
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    Factory 30-06 ammo

    My 30-06 liked Federal Fusion (165 and 180 grains) and Hornady Precision Hunter with the 178 grain Eld-X
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    New sierra game changer vs hornady eld-x

    Me too. It’d be nice to know what’s been updated
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    Sierra GameChanger review from NZ

    Thanks for the review - can’t wait for them to get to SA to test the 140 grainer in my new 270.
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    What’s your favorite big game hunt ?

    Kudu in the Eastern Cape mountains. Really want to hunt a Red stag in New Zealand...