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    Nikon Monarch Binocular Give Away From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Nikon/Cameraland Contest".
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    Darrell Holland Long Range Shooting School - $1,895 Tuition Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Holland Shooting Class Contest".
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    Jim Zumbo's article against Long Range Hunting

    Re: Jim Zumbo\'s article against Long Range Hunting fine,so he expressed his opinion!its people like john burns who he is referring to! he's selling it and promoting it. i hear my neighbours talking about it. get a BDC!!! he held on the 3rd line,shot,it went down,cool. with ZERO,understanding...
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    john burns was at the show !!! cool guy!

    sorry dave,this is not toward you.i'm not able to delete it. but the blast against jim zumbo stirred me back up. my point got twisted toward a guy that speaks the truth (ric)against "let-em-fly" maybe it will drop it! there is a blast above against jim zumbo who is a million times more...
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    john burns was at the show !!! cool guy!

    post a little info we learned from him I talked to John Burns for Beond Belief.... to be nice he is beond belief. I tried to talk to him about better reloading or just talking about showing what better reload can do for distance. Just relaod and shoot and shoot some more! That was his anwser...
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    946 yard cow elk pics

    not one shot hit within 2-3 feet where the crosshairs were pointing.i'm a 500yd shooter and never would have attempted that shot.maybe if i hit a rock somewhere away from them since they were lying down and had the time. just let her fly
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    The Canadian federal gov is taking our handguns away

    and how many americans here are not nra members?"yeah,but they don't do anything for me" is what i hear. wait till Hillary gets in....then they'll worry,when they have too and it'll be too late.
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    Non Lethal Deer and etc options

    .22 mag for close work,.25-06 for the rest cabellas has a plot saver concentrate,not sure of the mix.but i have heard of even certain flowers you can plant around your garden that rabbits and deer dont like.and act as a repellant.i would go that route,but the other options do sound like much...
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    Portable Shooting Bench

    great place to practice long range shooting also groundhog matches.... great retirement project!
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    affect of canelure on trajectory?

    nice shot jb! it looks like it has vanes like an probably helps stabalize the wiggle. 10-4 on the 165gr partition or AB
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    What powder for 30-06 Ackley?

    i wish i could be more helpful here kirby.all 50 lapua brass are fireformed,trimmed and 4x scope that is on it still printed <1" 100yd groups while fireforming,even though it looked like shooting 300yds.hoping santa is good to me this year and brings a scope .i will be trying h-4831...
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    Accubond or Swift Scirocco?

    ditto! i just smacked a whitetail recently in the noggin' to see what a 100gr SMK in .25-06 did on BONE. oh yeah i got the deer,with a softball size exit hole,you get the worked. but ian and i replied together.his version is better.and i would go for the bonded bullet if i were going...
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    scope problems

    won,5 seconds 2 firsts (after using the burris signature zee system and stopped looking through the top of the scope,now at my 500yd zero i am dead nutz in the optic center and actually saw my holes at 500yds.conditions were right for the looking but before using the zee's my high score was...