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    Rem 700 BDL 300 RUM Muzzel Brake

    Look at Witt Machines clamp on brake.
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Looks like a Winslow from back in the 50's and 60's.
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    Recoil solution

    try Witt Machine
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    Finding Jam - I thought I knew how

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    Best Binoculars (8x42) for under $1000?

    Look at Kahels Swaro's brother Company
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    Talk me out of getting Swarovski EL 10x42’s

    Check out Kahles products it is their sister company and just as good. I have the10X42 SLR my mother-inlaw bought me.
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    Ultimate 7

    You don't buy a race horse to pull a plow so keep on buying barrels.
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    Jewell Trigger Failure...went to Trigger

    Sounds like it's a bolt problem. The trigger released the firing pin and it's job is done. A gummed up firing pin might be the problem.
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    Wildcat question

    After much research Palmasono and Pindell came up with the most accurate cartridge in the world. The PPC with a thirty degree shoulder. Art Mashburn had a long line of wildcats all with 30degree. I think that is the optimal degree for accuracy and feeding. Just my thoughts.
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    Spotting Scope Recommendations For Hunting & Shooting?

    I have a Swift 15x-60x that I have used for forty years from NY to Colorado and it has served me well. I have a window mount and a Lamson tripod to keep it steady. I shoot benchrest at the Super Shoot in Ohio where there are every kind of scope there you can look through. Mine isn't as good as...
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    Fire forming issues

    A light film of oil on the case is the key.
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    Input on 300 yard groups

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    Scope repair services needed.

    Do not know. Maybe someone will chime in.
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    Scope repair services needed.

    Try L&K Scope repair.
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    338 imperial magnum

    I have a box of 19 338 Imperial brass and 37 Pieces of RWS 404 brass necked to 338 never fireform for $100 inclides shipping. [email protected]