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    Any one running Berger 210 215 in their 300 rums?

    210 VLDH, 86 grains of H1000, 215M primer in Nosler Brass getting 3,065 FPS with sub 1/2 MOA out to 1,000 yards. 215 hybrids 86 grains of H1000 shot great at 200 yards, but didn't shoot out any further or chronic the load. 27 1/2" P5 Schneider barrel.
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    Stock design....tell me I'm wrong

    This is the reason that I went with the McMillan A3 on my newer rifle.
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    300 WSM with 215 Berger Hybrids

    Saamii shows a .1884" free bore. Last I spoke to PTG they recommended a .233" free bore for the 215 hybrid, which should place the start of the boattail sitting at the neck/ shoulder junction.
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    Nightforce shv or zeiss hd5

    IMHO, the reticle thickness on the HD5 is too thick. I believe it is right about 1/4 MOA thick; in addition, once you set the zero stop, you can only dial the scope one rotation.
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    Which McMillan Stock?

    Aren't the M40 and the HTG the same? Also, I thought I heard that you can now do the edge fill with an adjustable cheek piece. The vertical grip only becomes an issue when you are trying to carry the rifle in the ready position. I have an A3 and A3-5 and like the A3 better. The HTG is a...
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    Help!! Bought a stolen gun!!

    My guess is that the Police Dept took its time inputting the serial numbers into the system. Also, I must agree that the Pawn shop should pay.
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    Kimber Montana .30-06

    Just sand the bottom of it until it has a little room to move.
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    Kimber Montana .30-06

    Kimber might not use slave actions, its something I read while doing the same research your doing. But what I can say is that once I re bedded the stock and shortened the magazine, the accuracy improved significantly. The original bedding in my stock was cracking, flacking and was painted over...
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    Kimber Montana .30-06

    I have a Kimber Montana 300 WSM that would should 2" groups at 100 yards, and after doing some research, here is the list of things that I found that helped. Now this rifle consistently shoots under an inch at 300 yards. Kimber beds their stocks with slave actions, so in my opinion, you need...
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    .338 options on new build??

    Go with a 338 Lapa, or better yet design a 338 Lapua AI+P Ultra Brass has been very hard to find except for Nosler and it doesn't last.
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    Recoil lug bedding

    IMHO, if you bed just the lug in a vblock, you are only reinforcing the front portion of the action, which prevents the action from torquing into the stock like it was originally designed.
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    G7 br2?

    It makes a difference to me, considering that I do most of my range work at 1800' with with an average summer day being 95 degrees with low humidity (18% on average) and a lot of my hunting is at 6000' with higher humidity and temps close to 30 degrees. Did some quick numbers and it works...
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    Drawing a sheep tag

    Regards to Arizona, the 2013 hunt harvest data book isn't out yet so this is from 2012. Group Bonus Points going into the 2011 Fall Draw (22) No. Hunters per Bonus Point going into the 2011 Fall Draw (222) Percent Drawn during the 2011 Fall Draw within Max Bonus Point grouping (9.5%)...
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    McMillan Edge Stock for a 338 Edge

    They don't recommend the edge stocks for anything over a 7mm Mag. That is directly from them when I ordered my A-3 Edge stock last year.
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    Desert shooting in AZ

    You have to be outside of the city limits and know what type of public land you are on. State Trust Land doesn't allow target shooting BLM & Forest Service ... Allows target shooting is allowed, but we currently have fire restrictions in place, which means no target shooting.