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    700 Action into a Mauser stock

    I have a old sporterized Mauser with a beautiful stock. I would like to put a more modern action, probably a 700 clone, that has better trigger options (I like triggers somewhere between very light and telepathic.) Does anybody know if a LA 700 action can be dropped in a mauser inletted stock...
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    7mm LRM 180 Berger Hybrids

    before the coolaid hit and all the really cool kids new more about the 28 nolser than anyone else LOL, I caught wind of the 26 nolser coming out and its case size and so on I had a reamer drawn up in 284, had the rifle built and waited for the brass to drop! It had a bartlein 9 twist 28"...
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    suppressor for 30 sherman mag

    They are rated up to Ultra Mag (given reasonable barrel length). I run an ultra 9 on my 7 RUM. Smaller calibers put more stress on the can given equal case capacity, but an Ultra 7 or 9 would handle a 30 shermag mag if the barrel is over 18".
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    Rem 700 LA stock. Proof Sendero Contour

    I have an HS precision one that came on a Sendero II that I am looking to sell.
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    Revic PMR Experiences

    Off topic, but how does the NX8 compare to the ATCAR?
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    norma 7mm rum

    I just bought 150 rounds of Nosler from Cabela's--Nosler 7mm rum brass is just weight sorted and prepped Norma brass, so I wouldn't say it is particularly hard to find, at least by 7mm rum component standards.
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    New Gunwerks 6.5-284 Norma

    My calculator says at 1000 yards that load will have 1086 ft*lbs and be traveling 1869fps. That can kill anything if it hits right, but it seems a bit slow for my tastes. However, Berger says 1800fps will open the VLDs, so I'm sure you could make it work. It that case shooting through the...
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    6.5prc Barrel Life?

    The 6.5PRC is almost identical to the 6.5x284. Usually benchrest and F-class 6.5x284s get 1200-1500 rounds, sometimes a bit more. Obviously, how you treat it matters. If you are using it for less precise work, you will get more rounds out of a barrel before you start to notice a drop off. A...
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    What size rings

    The highs would probably work. The extra high will put the scope over a quarter inch above the barrel.
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    To muzzle break or not to muzzle break

    Can you spot hits with that RUM with a break?
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    To muzzle break or not to muzzle break

    Not sure why or how I quoted myself.
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    To muzzle break or not to muzzle break

    My solution to the same dilemma is a suppressor. About half the recoil reduction of a brake, and obviously it's quieter than either other option.
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    New scope for long range elk, $2000 budget

    Thanks for the help guys. I got great deal Cronus BTR for $1000. I love the glass, and the mushy turrets don't bother me, so I'm going to haul that boat anchor around this season. I think the NX8 is the way to go, so I'm going to keep my eyes open for a sale or used one between now and next season.
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    New scope for long range elk, $2000 budget

    It is almost 40 ounces though.
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    New scope for long range elk, $2000 budget

    I'm looking to replace the 8-32x50 Burris black diamond on my elk rifle with something with better glass and FFP. I can spend up to $2k, maybe slightly more, but I'd rather pay significantly less if the difference is only slight. Some things to consider: -I use my scope in place of a spotting...

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