346 yard cow elk

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    Jun 4, 2003
    My sister has a LOP tag and she was able to fill it last night. I wanted her to take my 25-06 w/100g Partitions loaded to 3350fps. I figured it would get the job done. We had a little herd of about 20 spotted and we put the sneak on them. My sister is a pretty good shot so I was limiting her to around 400 yards with this particular combo. We snuck up as far as we could and I ranged them at 346 yards. She flipped the harris bi pod legs down in the sitting position, I clicked my 6-18 leupold up to the 350 yard mark. I asked her which one she was going to shoot at so I could watch trhough binocs. SHe said she was going to take the lowest one that was staning broadside. I said OK, put the bullet in the shoulder and try to break it so she goes down right away. She took a couple breats and squeezed the trigger. I instantly heard the WHOP, then the crack of the rifle. I saw the cows front shoulder hump up and it was definately broken. However, my initial guess was the 100g partition just didn't have enough to make it to the other side. However, the cow was badly hurt. She kinda twirled around and just stood there like "what happened." She was clearly not going anywhere. I told my sister to shoot her again behind the shoulder. At the shot she dropped on the spot. I dont think my sister ever been so happy. I forgot to pack the camera so no pics of the elk. We also got over to it as it was dark anyways, so pics wouldn't have turned out to great. We had to skin and quarter it out, then pack it out on our backs. Upon skinning the elk, I of course had to do an autopsy to see how the little 100g partitions performed. The first shot was a smack dab shoulder shot. The bullet blew through the shoulder bone leaving around a 1.5-2" diameter wound channel. I found the bullet in the offside shoulder in a nice little mushroom. I was amazed at how much bloodshot there was. IT was one of the worst I had ever seen, massive destruction. The 2nd shot was behind the shoulder and it was a complete passthrough. I dont think you can ask for much better performance then that from a 100g bullet on elk. I took the bullet home and it weighs out at 61g, so thats 61% weight retention and thats on elk going through the thich shoulder bones. I was actually amazed at how far it penetrated. I believe if I was using a 115 or 120g part it would have fully penetrated the offside shoulder, resulting in a 1 shot drop. I have a couple pics of the 100g partition that was found.



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    Rem.man, its always nice to hear your comments and experiences on terminal ballistics.- keep them coming.

    The partitions are not,in my opinion, bullets with great expansion, but overall they are a good bullet and their penetration can make a hunt a success. However this little 100 grainers really did expand.-

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    I forgot to pack the camera so no pics of the elk. We also got over to it as it was dark anyways, so pics wouldn't have turned out to great.

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    remingtonman, remingtonman, remingtonman... bad, bad bad excuse.
    Congratualations to your sister. You messed up!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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    I don't think the problem with partitions is under expansion. I think the front section expands too fast leaveing the rear section to punch a hole ( at close range) on a 350 yrd shot they perform well. don't expect the same performance at 70 yrds. I shot a white tail doe at 60-70 yrds about 7 yrs ago right behind the shoulder heard the whop and knew it was a good hit and there was no blood trail. found her 2 days later 2 miles away! what a wast of good meat. no more partitions for me thank you. treeman59
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    Last deer I took was with a 150gr partition from at 270Win. It was a Federal loaded round. Shot a whitetail doe at ~300 yards (last day of the hunt and I wanted deer meat).

    It broke the front shoulder, took out the top of the heart and left a half dollar size exit wound. She jumped, turned around, ran maybe 5 yards then slid down the hill. Plenty of damage for me. Front shoulder was pretty bloodshot.

    I was happy with how it did. Although I'm going to give 130gr Accubonds a shot this time.

    I can't speak for the closer shots. That's the only animal I've taken with a Partition.