ZEISS PRF on Animals?


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Jul 8, 2009
I still can't much, if any info on the Zeiss PRF being used for hunting. Anybody using one of these in the field? I have only found a Very Few reviews and those talk mostly about ranging in parking lots or at Pine trees and Mountain sides. Any body try a ground hog at 800? I would settle for cows at high noon? :)

thanks in advance
Agreed. If the Zeiss PRF is any good, it might help me adjust my turrets better..... :)

Seriously, I can find lots about swaro's, lots on leicas, not much on Zeiss. I want the smaller ranging retical and the better high noon performance that I am hoping will be in the zeiss.

I am buying a range finder soon and looking for the best place to spend my money. NOTE: I am not looking for a discussion on Swaros and Leicas, I am looking for reports from anyone that has scanned animals with the leica.

I respect the members of this site for their skills, knowledges, and abilities in the Long Range hunting environment, so please take my questions as being respectfully submitted.

again, thanks in advance. rc
The Swarovski ranges farther than the Leica, especialy under less than ideal condition. For a long range hunter here is no contest, Swarovsi rules
1+ on the Zeiss. It has the great Zeiss glass, ranges 1300 yrds, has the useful Ballistic Information System feature, and costs about $100 less than the Swarovski.

If you really need to range farther than 1300yrds, the Swarovski is your best (afforable) choice.
I have a .300 rum that will reach out to the 1300 range, but, what I am really looking for is consistancy on Game under 1000 (I just picked 1000).

I don't want a "can't find it" at 500 to 800. I am looking for consistancy in the 500 to 1000 range. I am looking for high noon performance as well.

I read Longshot's review and it looks good. I think I may give the Zeiss a try for the following reasons. Smaller Retical than Swaro. Better ranging and midday performance reported for the Zeiss than for the Leica. Falls between the Leica and the Swaro on cost.

If I get this unit, I am going to do nothing but range critters for testing. House cats at 800 :). I really hope this unit comes in with solid 500 - 1000 consistancy.

Thanks to all.
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