Zeiss Conquest Turrets?


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Oct 23, 2009
I have a zeiss conquest 4.5x14x44 with the normal reticle in it and I was wanting to get some custom turrets built for it. I emailed Kenton Ind. to see if they can make some for that particular scope but they haven't emailed me back. Does anyone here know if they can make some for it or anywhere else I can look...... also I havent used the scope yet how does everyone else like theirs.... does it adjust consistently etc....
I noticed that in their FAQ but it specified two other reticles other than mine. I dont know why it would make a difference but I wanted to make sure and also mine doesnt have tall turret caps so do they make taller ones at Kenton or would I have to get some from zeiss......?
If you have target turrets on your scope from the factory, I think they can make you a custom turret. Otherwise, it has to go back to the factory and be refitted. I have two conquests. One with the turrets and one without. I would say just by looking at the way that they are adjusted, that the one without the turrets would have to be retrofitted with turrets to be able to accept custom turrets. Don't take my comments as gospel, but it does seem that I remember reading that somewhere and again, just observation of the differences between the scopes.

As far as liking the scopes, I really like them. They are very clear with good contrast. A hunting buddy and I have come to agree that they are the best value on the market. If they would make it a 30mm tube, give it a little more elevation travel and a turret that has about 10 MOA per revolution compared to 18, I might not own anything else. But as it is, I do. In a nutshell, I really like them.
Yeah I looked at it also and I couldnt see how it came off.... O well I wonder how much and how big of a pain it is to send it to get the target turrets put on...... thanks for all the info
If I remember correctly it wasn't that much to have Zeiss install turrets, I think it was about $50 per. Sent a new one in for a buddy (still in the box) and they paid shipping both ways. They have to be installed by Zeiss and once that is done you can just slip your Kenton's right on.
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