Zeiss 3-9X40....anything better for money?


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Sep 4, 2009
Malta NY
This should be 3-9X40...

OK...I figure out how to change the title....

I am shopping for a scope to put on my 30-06 sporter hunting rifle. Low Light is biggest concern but clarity as well.

I found one at Cabela's for 400.00

So the question is, does anyone have an opinion of a scope of same or better quality for less?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Zeiss 2-9X40....anything better for money?

Is it the Zeiss Conquest 3-9X? I am not sure if they make a 2-9x? Ether way if thats the one you are talking about I give them a big thumbs up. I used to be a die hard Leupy guy but after shooting with the Zeiss conquest scopes my tastes have changed. I am on my third one now and they all perform great. I still think Leupold is a darn good scope but the Zeiss scopes really work well with me and until a better deal comes along, my fourth will be a Conquest as well.
Clarity is great on my scopes. As far as low light is concerned I dont have any 40mm objectives. I can tell you the 50mm objectives on my conquests soak up light like a black hole.
Re: Zeiss 2-9X40....anything better for money?

Sorry...I neglected that point. Yes, it is the Zeiss Conquest. I also get their email flyers and spend a good bit there annually since they are so close in proximity so I got an email that basically gives me 40.00 off for purchases of 300-499, But I could use it on another scope if Cabela's carries it. That price gets me the Zplex reticle. The Rapid Z is another 150.00
Zeiss lowered the price on the 3-9x40 Zplex to $399.99 for the new year, but all other reticle options are still last years pricing. For $400, I don't thing you are going to fine a better scope.
Timely thread: I am also in the market for a either a 3x90 40/42 or a 4.5-10 (or there about). The scope will sit atop a Tikka T3 (.243). At this stage, I've narrowed it down to Zeiss, Sightron, Leupold, in that order.

Good thing this is fun. :)
Thanks for the educated input Jon.

That backs up what my opinion was but I wanted to see if perhaps I was mistaken.

I will probably pick it up tomorrow as I have the 40 off coupon:)

Thanks mtelkhntr78.

I like the clarity but I like the glass on my Sighton as well.

The real clincher will be in really low light, which is where I was hoping to see some improvement over the sightron 3x9 I currently have on my 30-06 sporter. Dusk and Dawn. That is usually when I get the best whitetail opportunities.
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