Wyoming area D, leaving Sat., Thoughts


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Dec 30, 2007
I am leaving for Wyoming saturday, Have area D tags and will fe staying in Encampment. Any thoughts on the Medicine Bow National Forest SW of there?
I was planning to hunt for mulies in area D after my antelope hunt in the Grass Lands. The weather scared me off though. Please post your results. I may be going back there next year.

Niceville, FL
I was there early, for the first 5 days. From talking to the biologist at a check station I found that this area is wintering grounds for deer from the Colorado high country. Also most is heavily timbered in the National Forest and the more open Aspen-Sage slopes are inaccesible behind private ground. The ones on public property are pretty hard hunted. Not the highest population of deer I have seen. Do some checking and look at some of the local outfitters.
Thanks for the info. I'll plan accordingly for next year. Maybe I should look elsewhere for a mulie hunt.

Niceville, FL
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