Wyo. Long Range Hunt and Video Shoot!!



Well.... we're back and to say we had fun would be an understatement!!! We had a blast and we all filled our tags in a day and a half.

WE were only able to take our longest speed goat at 500 yards as the winds kept us "tied up" .. and go figure after we all filled our tags and had to do alot of the "fill in" video footage the winds quit and the weather was perfect! But oh well.. those things are expected....

We had very good results with the 180 gr Nosler ballistic tip out of a 300RUM and excellent results from the new Nosler Acccubond outta the 300 RUM as well.. to say the 200 gr accubond is a wind bucker is an understatement!! Exit would of 3" or more !

My Buddy Steve ( Hunt724 on here ) and I would like to say THANK YOU to the Point Blank Team and all our friends who hunted and helped us out making the video! I'd love to say more to you but you'll have to wait until final production of the Point Blank video in the next year or so... we need a couple of more tags and footage before it is complete.

Once again we had a fun, safe, enjoyable hunt and we laughed and joked nearly all the time.... what a BLAST!!!!

Here are some pics of the LR setups and Antelope taken.....

Steve on the Big Eyes.. Butch on the Rifle and me calling out the yardages


Steve on the Big Eyes and me on a rifle

Butch, Steve, Chip and Jim with 4 of the goats!


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Sounds like you had a blast--I wish my trip had been a week earlier--I'll be leaving to come your way Saturday morning about 5 a.m. We'll be at my brother's in Laramie on Sunday night. I didn't get drawn for a buck and the doe tags are sold out but my mom and a buddy's wife got tags and I'm going to set them up with my .308 for a long shot if one presents itself and the wind is right. Glad to hear the hunt went well...
That's awesome Wyo!! Looks like you boys had a great time and picked off some nice goats, Good Job!!

Let me know when the video is out, count me in.
Helped Mom and Dad fill their goat tags yesterday--4 tags--had them all filled by lunch.
I set up the rifles and let them shoot since I didn't have a tag. Here's how it went:
125 yds -- doe--Mom with her .243 Win.
410 yds -- doe Dad with the Jerry Rice .300 RUM
604 yds--buck-- Mom with my .308 Win
852 yds--buck --Dad with the .300 RUM
All in all, turned out to be a great day...Pics will follow when my hand heals a little more...
AWESOME! I LOVE THE PICTURES!! Thanks much, especially for those us who couldn't make the annual pilgrimage to Wyoming for antelope this year. Who says you can't live vicariously through others!!Hey Wyo, I heard my cousin took one of the biggest Antelope taken this year in Wyoming up by Buffalo, I heard it measured 17" (this number means little to me as I've never taken a Boone & Corocket goat). I'll try and find out more.
Well, If he shot an honest 17" Speed Goat he has a real good chance at B&C ... you need 80" for Wyo. B&C and 82 5/8" for the National B&C.. anyway you look at it 17" is an awesome goat!!

My Best Friend and Business partner (Steve/hunt724) I think had our pretiest goat and measuered 15 1/2" I think Butch had the "biggest" with 15 3/4"... but I am not real sure of the measurments....
Obsessed..... nope sure didn't....

try again! AOLis freaky lately

Hey CJ...

Nice family outing huh! Way to go Jamison Family!!

I sent ya an e-mail.... let me know what ya think....
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