WTT USO B17 for NF NXS c433


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Feb 10, 2005
Rainy Western Washington
Posting for a buddy who isn’t on this forum to get his scope some more exposure.

This scope is only a few weeks old and has seen under 50 rounds fired. He is a hunter and just can’t get used to ffp. I can put you in contact with him or he is a member over on 24hourcampfire.

Here is his text:

Looking to trade, as title says. Plus cash on your end.
Would also consider c429, c505.
Build sheet for the B17 is below.

Scope is mounted so I can’t speak to ring marks.
FFP just isn’t for me.

7119A2DB-BAC4-4EBA-885D-0F9DB4A714C1.jpeg 09A15414-99D6-4797-9BFF-9A85C87D303F.jpeg