SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: Springfield XD Tactical Pistol (.45ACP) For Precision .223 Bolt-Action Rifle


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Apr 3, 2006
I need a quality, precision a.223 bolt action rifle. There are numerous coyotes running amok in the fields around my house. I heard them yapping and howling and singing again last night. Furry, long toothed imps sent by Satan himself. I can just imagine them dancing around in the newly cut corn stalks as they flash their white, toothy grins at my bedroom window.

This is an XD Tactical (.45 ACP) with four (4) high capacity magazines (13 rounds each). It comes with the original factory-provided plastic case, holster, mag pouch, and mag loader. The pistol is all black-colored. Also included in this sale are a Comp-Tac Locking Paddle holster and double magazine pouch for this same pistol. These were purchased approx 9 months ago and are in excellent condition.

This pistol has a trigger job which was performed by Mike Caylor at Caylor Custom Guns in Anna, Texas, using Springer Precision trigger parts. (I still have the receipt to prove this.)

I have fired approximately 2000 rounds through this pistol either at the range or in a couple of IDPA competitions. It has spent the vast majority of it’s time riding in my holster at work where I now sit behind a desk. It has no rust, scratches, or obvious wear and tear. The pistol is in true NRA excellent condition. The sights are the standard, factory XD sights and are not night sights. The four magazines are in very good shape with a few scratches on them that are normal from magazine changes. All magazines work flawlessly. This pistol does not jam and it is extremely accurate. It works perfectly, all the time, every time. I have had absolutely no problems with it.

Serial Number on the pistol is: US7243XX. Photos are available but it looks exactly like the pics on the Springfield website or any other website which has pics of this particular pistol. If you would like to see photos of the package, please let me know and I’ll try to get some posted. Otherwise, please see the following websites for pics of the specific items:

Springfield Armory XD Tactical Page

Comp-Tac Locking Paddle Holster

Comp-Tac Double Magazine Pouch

Thank you for looking.


Q: Dude, my rifle is worth more than this pistol! Why should I trade with you?
A: Please keep in mind that this is a package deal for more than just the gun. This pistol has a professionally performed trigger job that cost $150. It also comes with an extra magazine that cost $25. Finally, it comes with Comp-Tac accessories that cost $130 new. This is a true “turn key” package for IDPA or personal protection. This package costs a minimum of $830 new. I'm not looking to trade even for your custom rifle. I'm just hunting for a decent precision rifle that will deliver 1 MOA to about 500 yards.

Q: Why are you trading/selling the pistol if it’s so great?
A: I have been assigned to an investigative unit and this pistol is just too big for my current assignment. I wear a suit most of the time now days and it’s hard to conceal this pistol on a regular basis. I recently purchased an XD-M pistol in .40 and I see no need to have two XD pistols when I will only be using one of them for duty purposes.

Q: What particular brand or manufacturer are you looking for?
A: Savage, Tikka, Remington, CZ, Howa, etc

Q: Will you ship or sell to someone out of state?
A: I strongly prefer a FTF trade in the North Dallas area but will ship to an FFL via FedEx with an inspection period allowed for both of us.

Q: I don’t need the pistol. I just want the holster and mag pouches. Will you separate this package and sell the items separately?
A: For right now, I would prefer to keep the package together. Give this sale about a week and if there is no interest, then I will sell the pistol separately from the Comp-Tac items.

Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] if you are interested. Thank you again for looking.

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