1. FreemanKendon

    Springfield XD-9

    Springfield XD-9 Full size 9mm luger OD Green lower Upgraded striker retaining pin Talon Pro Grip (Rubber with grit) 4 magazines (16rd capacity each) XD Case XD Gear Magazine pouch XD Gear Magazine loader XD Gear Holster Bladetec Holster Safariland Holster $450 shipped to FFL
  2. Texas Speed Bump

    Springfield M1A Supermatch 7.62x51

    Springfield M1A Supermatch in 7.62x51 with less than 1,000 rounds fired. 22", 1 in 10" twist; RH; 6-Groove stainless steel heavy duty match stainless steel barrel. Black McMillan fiberglass stock with Voodoo Tactical adjustable cheek riser. Has a Harris Series S bipod mounted using a Sadlak QD...
  3. Frog4aday

    CMP Warning - .30/06 Ammo & M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s

    I just got this e-mail from the CMP today regarding the use of .30-06 ammo in M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s. Basically, don't hot rod your ammo and be careful what factory ammo you run through them.
  4. elk guide 45

    Or Trade USGI M14

    Federal ordinance M14 excellent condition...shoots awesome. comes with two mags. email for pictures. 1200.00 OBO
  5. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: Springfield XD Tactical Pistol (.45ACP) For Precision .223 Bolt-Action Rifle

    I need a quality, precision a.223 bolt action rifle. There are numerous coyotes running amok in the fields around my house. I heard them yapping and howling and singing again last night. Furry, long toothed imps sent by Satan himself. I can just imagine them dancing around in the newly cut...