1. B

    6mm Creedmoor all range coyote load

    Hey all, I'm usually in the big game hunting conversations on this website, but my year round hobby is coyote hunting. I use a 204 ruger with benchmark, topped with a 39gr blitzking. This is the most fur friendly coyote load I've found, that still has knock down power at 400 yards, out of a 204...
  2. 3warbird

    Anyone shooting shorter barrelled suppressed?

    Anyone here shooting a shorter barrelled suppressed rifle for coyotes and or whitetail? Please reply with details and pics if possible. Building a 18in m24 contour fluted and threaded 243 win, Manners folder, on a trued 700 action. Just looking for guidance from the ones already running this...
  3. Daves762

    Coyote success from several hunts.

    Hope I don't have to justify to you all why hunting predators is addictive. I'm an amateur coyote hunter, I don't do tournaments or anything fancy. I only have a cheap FoxPro and it's such a pain to change sounds I usually stick to mouth calls. I just like doing it. I try to call em in close as...
  4. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT: Springfield XD Tactical Pistol (.45ACP) For Precision .223 Bolt-Action Rifle

    I need a quality, precision a.223 bolt action rifle. There are numerous coyotes running amok in the fields around my house. I heard them yapping and howling and singing again last night. Furry, long toothed imps sent by Satan himself. I can just imagine them dancing around in the newly cut...