WTT: primers/varget in Minnesota/eastern SD/Northern IA


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Jan 22, 2013
I have ~26.5k of primers for trade as I have more than I will use in the next 10 years. CCI small pistol (8k), large pistol (8k), small rifle (6k). I also have 1k of federal magnum small pistol 1k federal large rifle, ~400-450 remington small rifle bench rest 1k of winchester small rifle. . I could maybe go a little higher on some of these if a trade is good but I want enough left for myself too. I primarily use CCI for pistols and small rifle and switched exclusively to Federal gold for my more precision rifles.
Also have an 8lb jug of Varget, bought it because it was hyped as a great powder but never ended up finding a need for it.

Looking to trade for v-max bullets 22 cal (40 gr in particular), lead shot maker, dillion press supplies (or possible full press if you want a lot of primers), swaging supplies/dies (corbin brothers). Open to pretty much anything reloading related or maybe trade for a firearm if you want a large amount of primers.

I can't ship primers or powder. Not really interested in selling the primers/powder, moreso wanting to try and help someone else out and expand my own reloading room.