SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Muzzle devices, ACR stripped barrel and SIG 228 mags


Jun 9, 2015

I have the following for trade
FN PWS FSC30 30 cal very few rounds fired through it, looks new includes tension nut
AAC Blackout 556 cal looks new
Rainier Arms RAC 556 cal looks basically new

A take off ACR barrel(no other parts just the barrel, nothing wrong with it but needed the pther parts for a different caliber build used)

2x Sig 228 zipperback magazines 1 marked LEO / MIL 1 normal 9mm 13 rd capacity, used but fine shape

Looking to trade for

Apple airport (doesnt have to be the newest but atleast wireless N)
Maybe newer Apple TV
OPS INC 12th Model .30 compatible muzzle devices
6.5x54 MS neck sizing and seating dies
TAD L/XL SAS sweater

Im reasonably open to other gun/knife/cool stuff trades. I can add or accept cash or other items to even out certain deals. Im mostly looking to trade but if you want to offer cash please let me know how much you are offering. Thanks


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