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    This one of the better ones I have seen glass is super ISRAELI ARMY NIMROD SNIPER SCOPE VERY RARE ORIGINAL Israeli Armed Forces Issue This milspec Nimrod scope was specifically designed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) made by a subsidiary of Koor Industries, an Israeli firm. The scope is an actual Israeli army war relic – not a commercial copy. Bullet drop compensated for the .308/7.62 NATO M118 Sniper round. It has a magnification of 6-power. Objective diameters are 40mm. The field of view is 19.6 meters at 300 meters (3 degrees 45 feet). The eye relief is about 3 inches. There are two auxiliary crosses, one for aiming at 900 and 1,000 meters, the other for high-trajectory ammunition. Range estimation with the reticle pattern duplicates that of the (Dragnov). At the bottom of the field of view is a baseline below five short steps. The step closest to the baseline is marked '10' for 1,000 meters, while the farthest is marked '2' for 200 meters. The three steps in between correspond to 800, 600 and 400 meters in ascending order. Just align the target's groin with the baseline and match the top of his head with the appropriate step. Dial the correct distance into the range drum on top of the scope calibrated in 50-meter clicks from 200 to 800 meters for 7.62x51mm M118 match ammunition and fire away. The windage, located on the scope's left side, provides five mils of adjustment to the right or left in 1/2-mil increments. This method is simple, quick, reliable, adequately accurate and requires a minimum of instruction.” The scope is marked on the core as follows: "NIMROD" TELESCOPE 6X40 KOOR TRADE This scope is in great shape the lens are super clear and sharp no ring marks, I have used this out to 600 meters with super results

    I am looking for a scope with varitable power
    Burris XTR
    Leupold Mk4
    Sightron S3
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