WTT? - E. Central IA - H4350, H110, .224 75gr, 450 BM ammo


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Mar 10, 2013
SE Iowa
This is probably a long shot, but just in case someone close enough to me that could do a FTF needs something I have badly enough, I have a couple of 1 lb containers of H4350 and a 1 lb container of H110 I could spare right now to another shooter in need. I also have a few hundred Hornady 75gr BTHP Match or PRVI 75gr BTHP I could spare. I could also spare one box of Hornady Black 250gr 450 BM ammo if needed.

Things I could use: 1 lb of IMR 8208XBR or H4895, a box or two of Sierra 20 cal 39gr, possibly a box or two of Hornady 53gr V-Max (I might consider some 55gr as well), or some decent .224 55gr HP bullets for plinking/varmints, no FMJ.

I would like to do trades only at regular values but if needed badly enough I could sell as well and I wouldn't charge inflated prices. Just trying to help a fellow shooter out if I can while possibly getting something I could use in return.

At any rate, if you're reading this, I hope you and your family and friends are all healthy as mine are so far and you can enjoy a great holiday season. Peace out.