WTT: .308 bullet lot for 22-284 stuff


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Feb 18, 2013
I'm looking to trade a .308 cal lot of bullets for 22-284 stuff. Brass,dies, reamer go/no go gauges.
I'm starting to gather parts for a fast twist, fast and flat .22 cal build. The 3 boxes on the left are full and the right side is wrote on the box what is left.

Edit: I would also consider some trading towards an annealing setup or case trimmer/neck turner.

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I'd like to run the Berger 77 gr. OTM 3700ish fps. Maybe even a little bit more. I'm looking for a flat 500 yard coyote rifle with as little hold over as possible. Barrel life isn't that big of a deal because once I get a good load it'll strictly be a hunting rifle.
I've got a Remington 700 long action 270 win. that's just setting in the safe and I want to make it a dedicated light coyote killing machine.
I hope you start a thread when you build it. Spent a couple of hours today wondering what short action 22 to build that I could push 69-90+ grains a 3500+
I'm putting the trade value on the whole lot of bullets around $310 delivered so:

22-284 supplies:
Brass/dies ,reamer, go/no go gauges.

Neck turner/trimmer? Not sure what I'm looking for there. I would like something that can do both but not really sure what I'm looking for.

Annealer: Not sure what I'm looking for either. Not interested in salt bath system so torch setup is pretty much the only option.

I'm definitely not opposed to add some money on my end for the right items either.

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