SOLD/EXPIRED wtsSavage st-flt 22-250 varmint barrel


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Sep 27, 2008
s.e. Pa.
wtsSavage st-flt 22-250 varmint barrel**SPF*

I just bought another 22-250 so I am gonna let this one go.

-barrel is a 26" stainless fluted 22-250 barrel
-12 twist
-varmint contour
-actual round count is 223
-I bought this new this past summer
-this barrel shot very well for me using 55gr vmax and 38.5gr H-380 Took it Pdog hunting
in August and shot a couple in the 700yd range with it, and anything inside of 400 yds
was pretty much dead with one shot.
-will include some FF brass(100pcs of 2xfired Frontier/23 pcs of 1x fired Winchester)
- $150 shipped in US NOW $140 shipped SPF

**for sale on other sites
**pmt by money order
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edited original add by stating actual round count, amount of brass included with barrel, and also lowered price.

This needs to go soon as i have other stuff to purchase. You will not be sorry with this barrel. It looks brand new, and it has very deep flutes.