SOLD/EXPIRED WTS-WTT Christensen Arms "CUSTOM" 270wsm

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  1. brnilsson

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    Mar 8, 2012
    The Specs-
    -Christensen Rem 700 short action
    -jeweled bolt ported handle
    -desert color thumbhole stock
    -24"schilen match 1-10
    -timeny trigger
    -200 down the tube
    -weight is a little over 6 pounds with nothing on it
    -leupold Vx3 6.5-20x50 fine duplex LR
    -140g SST turret

    The inclusions-
    -50 once fired nosler brass
    -50 new win brass
    -any .270 bullets i have
    -RCBS FL dies no neck die tho
    -caldwell bypod

    I have been messing with the 150 Bergers and have been able to get them shoot 1/2 moa. so it will handle them. I know these guns have been known to be lemons but this one is good

    For trade I want a 7mm mag, wsm, ultra custom or something NICE obviously
    im only getting rid of the gun for a 7mm because of the B.C. difference and just a little better LR caliber in my opinion only. I will email pics, other wise just get on their web site these rifles all look the same. The only blemishes are a couple little paint chips on the stock

    Price: $3100 for the package
    Rifle only: $2500 keep in mind this rifle was $4300 new so dont kick me in the balls with any crazy offers
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    Jul 19, 2009
    Pics would help!