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SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Springfield Armory TRP Tactical 45auto


New Member
Sep 12, 2012
South Carolina
This is a N.I.B. Springfield TRP Tactical. Comes with everything you see here.Asking $950 shipped for the gun.You can text me only at (862) 243-7701 if you like.Thanks for looking.


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    Springfield Armory TRP Tactical 45auto.jpg
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Where are you in SC, as I travel through there all the time? Is it still for sale? You can PM me back if you want.
Guys this is scam.
Please be smart about your money

This is the second post you have accused of being a scam. I am not calling you out, I just want to know what you are basing this off. I am actually extremely interested in this pistol but obviously I don't want to be cheated out of my money.
Ok I am pretty sure now that this is a scam. I am only putting this out as I don't want to see the honest people on this sight get screwed out of their hard earned money. Heres is what has happened on this pistol to date. There is another individual on this board selling the same pistol, only claiming that it is slightly used. After PM'ing the other and texting this guy, they both have the same exact storry about being military men. I am a 16 year veteran and active duty military man myself. Their stories are not kosher in my opinion. How coincidental is it that two different guys, both with less than 5 total posts on this sight possibly have the same pistol for sale and both have identical stories when questioned about the details of this pistol. This thing is way too good of a price and these two sellers are way too fishy for this deal to not be a scam. I would not touch either one of these pistols with a ten foot pole at this point. I even offered to pay the extra FFL fee to ship from a confirmed FFL and neither of these guys were willing to do this. This deal just does not seem right and I am afraid that it is more than likely a scam.

Yea here is the exact quote I have gotten from 4 people on this board in the last 2 days selling things. Funny how they can all have identical stories. This dude isnt even good at scamming.

I am so happ you emailed back..Been waiting to read from you...I understand your concern about trying to protect yourself. I'm a military man you know the person you are dealing with. I cannot do anything funny, i sworn to protect and serve the country, why would i destroy it just because i want to sell my firearm, The USPS Money order or Check is backed by the government, the bank will have transaction history for it and also you are sending to my mailing address, there is no way i can hide from my identity, if i try to do anything funny...i'll have to deal with the ATF and FBI because of the firearm and post office involved, i can never try to do anything bad, so you have nothing to worry about. Let's just work this on TRUST...Here is the deal,you can send the Check or USPS Money order and your FFL at the post office by Express mail(overnight), so when i receive the mail, i'll ship to your FFL dealer via UPS next day delivery with insurance along with a copy of my DL and i will provide you with the Necessary proof of shipment.. Trust me on this and we will smile at last.Do we have a deal? Please keep in touch.

You can tell by the nature of this email that this is a joke. Whats really sad is that people actually fall for this crap.
its been my experience that anytime someone feels like they need to convince you to trust them then in reality that person can never be trusted!

a trust worthy person will never have to ask you to trust them..