For Sale WTS Sierra, Lapua, Berger, Hornady, Bob Cauteruccio 6.5, 30 and 338 bullets


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Dec 1, 2009
Helping a 90 year old friend reduce his inventory to just what he wants to keep around to enjoy. This is not a commission-based activity that benefits my situation at all - it is all about paying it forward for his family.

Inventory was just picked up and is still being sorted and organized. Quantities and pricing will be coming shortly. Please email [email protected] to express interest etc. I will do my best but request some flexibility until I get this inventoried and all accounted for (IE exact quantity...)

Sierra, Lapua, Berger, Hornady, Norma, Bob Cauteruccio as well as rifle/pistol hunting/target bullets

308 Caliber

Bob Cauteruccio 30 cal 188 VLD – 250 count $SPF

Bob Cauteruccio 30 cal 211.5g VLD – spf

Lapua 30 cal 155gr Scenar 800 count $35 hundred

Berger 30 cal 230gr Hybrid Target – 3 boxes of 250 $140 per box

Sierra 30 cal 250gr Matchking (yes 250gr from 1987) 1500 (3 500 count boxes) $350/box

338 Caliber

Berger 338 300gr Hybrid 2 boxes of 250 count $175/box

Lapua 338 250gr Lockbase 1 box 500 $300 box

Lapua 338 300gr Scenar 400 count (4 boxes) $75/box

Sierra 338 300gr Matchking 500 count box $325


Hornady 140 ELD Match – 500 count (5 boxes) $30/100

Will be inventorying over the weekend the hunting rifle and pistol bullets (22 cal up to Safari caliber 585 diameter). He also has a significant amount of moly coated match bullets that I need to inventory as well, (257, 6.5, 7mm, 30 and 338).

ALL SHIPS USPS FLAT RATE BOXES price plus actual size flat rate cost, insurance is extra. Questions – [email protected]
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