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SOLD/EXPIRED wts Nightforce BR model


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Feb 10, 2004
Scope is in ex. cond. 8x32x56mm NP1-RR ret.I have box,but is not correct one,do have manual though. 950.00 shipped.
How do you like that reticle? - would primarily be using for target shooting and known distances. Could you please send pics to cris_222 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thx!

I like the ret.The fine crosshairs should work well for target,although this ret. has ranging circles in the bottom half.It will take a couple of days for the pic's,I/m not very skilled with a pc,but I can get my daughter to take them i can then forward them to you,thank's,Archie
I won't have pic's after all,my daughters house got broken into last night and I don't want to trouble her right know,I will say that if someone buys this scope and is no satisfied I will readily refund their money.I can take pic's with my camera and upload onto my pc but when I try to e-mail things people say to view they have to download adobe photo viewer,or something like that.