SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Glock springs and stuff


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Sep 1, 2011
NW Montana
:)Glock springs and stuff

I NIP GTHOI-D trigger housing with ejector G 21SF ,30SF value $8

2 NIP Ghost 3.5 connector & spring kit value $45

1 used Ghost 3.5 connector & spring kit with reset tab value $20

3 + 10% magf springs for G20 -fits others value $20

3 rsa springs with one SS guide rod 20# ,22#, 24# with frame buffer for G20 -fits others value $45

4 OEM connector ,trigger, FPS and FP spring sets-( replaced with Ghost kits ) value $20

15-20 Ghost assorted springs new 4-6 # firing pin springs and 6# trigger springs, fps springs value $ 8

ext slide release-ext take down bar value $ 20

take all of it for $70 conus


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