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  1. bosstom

    bosstom Well-Known Member

    Dec 29, 2007
    Looking to sell my 6x6.8 spc AR15
    bipod not included
    $925 shipped/insured to FFL

    Specs below:

    -Blackhole Weaponry 6x6.8 spc 22" 1/10 twist stainless barrel threaded 5/8"x24. 403 rounds have been through barrel. Barrel is Cerakoted Patriot Brown and Krylon added to match the rest of rifle.
    -PSA upper receiver
    -Nordic Components XL handguard with extra Nordic rail, QD sling mount and bipod swivel.
    -Kies gas tube
    -Joebob low pro gas block
    -PSA Afghanistan lower receiver
    -KNS anti rotation trigger pins
    -Ergo grip
    -JP trigger springs
    -Rock River LPK
    -Magpul trigger guard
    -Rock River buffer/tube
    -Magpul CTR stock
    -2 ASC 5 round stainless mags

    If rifle sells buyer will have first choice of dies/brass for an additional $125. A set of 6.8 dies to size new or once fired brass and a set of Redding bushing dies with correct 6mm decapping stem/button and two bushings. 95 pieces Hornady brass, I have lost 5 while shooting out in the field - 66 pieces is 1x fired 6.8 Hornady and 29 pieces 2x fired 6x6.8.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.