SOLD/EXPIRED WTS 6.8 Upper - $650 Shipped!


Dec 8, 2010
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Time to thin the heard a bit, plus I still have another 6.8 upper. Here are the details:

  • BHW 18" 1-in-10 twist stainless steel barrel in black finish with mid-length gas system. This is one that they did for Black Rain - has the Enfield rifling. Best I can tell it has the II chamber.
  • Yankee Hill upper receiver marked "6.8 SPC"
  • Nickel Boron BCG (M16 carrier) from Hamlund Tactical
  • Midwest Industries Gen2 free-float handguard
  • Yankee Hill low-profile gas block
  • M2 flash suppressor
  • Plain vanilla charging handle
The barrel was broken-in properly and has right at 100 rounds down it. Even with a crummy trigger and a low-power scope I was still able to shoot MOA using Hornady ammo. Functions flawlessly. $650 via USPS MO and I will ship it to you. Consider it an early Christmas present to yourself! Thanks for looking!


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