SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Sako L461 Vixen action


Oct 17, 2012
Hi Guy's.

As above I am looking for a L461 repeating action for a hunting rifle build. If Anyone has one they would like to part with or if you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

Have been in touch with Accuflite and they have - SAKO A1 single shot actions & SAKO AII, SAKO 75-I, and SAKO 85-XS repeater actions (right hand)

I am after an older one. What are my chances?

Many thank's - George.
Seriously I think your chances are between zero and none. But it never hurts to keep looking. You might find a complete rifle in bad shape and restore it.
Why in particular this action?
Thank you for the input fella's. Yes I contacted a Sako collector and he said in the 30 years he has been involved with Sako's he has never come across a bare action.

I guess i will go to plan B and buy a new 75 or 85 off Acculflite for my build. I wanted a L461 because they are a magnificent smooth action. In my opinion nicer than the new ones.

Cheers - George.
In my search for a Vixen of my own (reasonably priced) I ran across two bare actions for sale. Price wasn't bad, but I was a few minutes late on one and a few days on another.

Long story longer, they are out there..

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