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  • There is an article on RL-17 over at 6mmBR.com All about how it produces much lower pressures and enhances velocity in many medium capacity ctgs like 6mm XC and .284 win.

    I found two cans at Sportsmans warehouse last week and bought one to try.

    Have had a .35 whelen for switchbarrel, but two weeks ago got a .35 Whelen AI barrel in a trade with set of redding dies, so my interest is keyed up again. Might ream the other barrel AI just to match...

    Will have to get some decent longrange bullets
    around here i can only find h414 powder for my redloading
    it has 3006, 243, 3030, 7.7 jap on the list just not the 35 whelen
    been fireforming with the 7.7 jap load i can't remember i think it is 42 or 44 gr
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