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    280ai vs 284 Winchester

    I would go .284win on a long action, unless you're mostly shooting lighter bullets. The LA enables heavy bullets to be seated without encroaching into the case and still have functional magazine capacity. Want shorter action? Shoot premium bullets mostly? Might consider the .30 or .338...
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    Do all rifle???

    IF the Do All Rifle is also The ONLY Rifle, then the equation changes... An AR-10 with a chrome-lined barrel fulfills every role possible. The .308win chambering offers Best Barrel Life and will shoot mild loads to cast bullets and 7.62x51 loads. Magazine length loads depends on bullet...
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    Do all rifle???

    Depends on your DO ALL expectations. Not many .30cal ctgs are chosen for longrange varminting, mostly due to recoil. Not many would choose a .223rem for hunting game larger than W. Texas deer. That said, for varminting & game, a 6.5mm is probably upper limit of "workable"... Nice to have a...
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    Looking for brass and dies

    have a Wilson seater in .243win and Wilson bushing sizer with 2 bushings for sale if you are interested in pursuing best possible accuracy with the ctg. No bullets or brass...
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    6.5 x 257 weatherby info

    Aside from already having the magnum action, seems like the 6.5/284 could be Your Ticket to all-around performance with chance for longer barrel life than any magnum affords. Might watch David Tubb's video of The One Mile Shot where he uses 6.5/284 to deliver the goods. Pretty much the optimum...
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    Hate to Do This: 6.5 CM vs 6.5 PRC

    Not even considering the .260rem? Pretty excellent performance, and you got Lapua brass; not to mention the ability to neck down any .308win case you might find in-stock somewhere. Pretty simple to have your existing barrel rechambered while you await that custom blank and all the...
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    Winchester Model 70 .280 Remington upgrade to AI

    Great thing about the AI, aside from great velocity gains with heavy bullets, is better case life due to enhanced shoulder angle of 40*. Of course, can get that, almost, with the 284win which is standard at 35*. The last Hodgdon hardback manual (#26?) shoes .30/284 and .30-06 data as...
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    Cost to open up CRF Winchester 70?

    Don't be stupid. Either buy a new H&H length model 70, preferably a RUM chambering, or spend some time with a loading manual that has data for the .30-06 Ackley Improved. Think the component shortage situation won't be long-lasting? How long you figure to wait for a barrel blank and...
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    Brass: .375 H&H; .300 H&H

    Can offer you 90pcs unfired virgin .375H&H brass, 70pcs Win and 20pcs R-P. Also have couple sealed boxes, 50ct, Nosler 260gr Partition in .375cal. Make you a deal if you buy bullets with the brass.
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    7-300 wins the 1100 yard match!

    The "problem" with belted cases relates to the chamber reaming job. With a minimum oal chamber, with reamer delivering right at GO guage or .005 over, shoulder should allow only about .001-2 of stretch. Can also have your gunsmith ream to match your unfired brass neck so there's minimal...
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    7-300 wins the 1100 yard match!

    Kinda dismissive ain't ya? But... whatcha want to evaluate is the .280rem AI or the ol' reliable .284win. The .284win, built on a long-action enables high BC bullet seating, with neck reamed to match, for longrange performance. Suppose there is also possibility of doing a .308win AI. The...
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    308 165 grain

    Have about 45pcs Speer Grand Slam .30cal 165gr in factory plastic case. Great hunting bullet, a bit too light for my purposes. $30 shipped by Priority Mail. Can take paypal.
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    CCI 250 not igniting

    If you are seeking precision handload results from your efforts this is one of those buy once, cry once situations. Redding, Forster, Wilson, and Sinclair-Brownells sell the tools benchrest and precision shooters depend on. Their carbide primer pocket uniformers are industry standards. Lapua...
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    CCI 250 not igniting

    Have you contacted CCI? Not that they will be much "help", in my experience, but start there... I bought a carton of CCI sm riffle primers for use in .454 Casull handloads. Working with new Starline brass which was Very High Quality back in 2005. Never any previous problem w/CCI primers, but...
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    Are the .338s becoming pointless?

    20yrs ago, David Tubb did his One Mile Rifle video. 6.5-20x Leupold teamed with a 6.5/284. Seems like he was shooting the 142gr smk or maybe it was developed later? Point is there are plenty of smaller caliber ctgs capable of longrange precision. Plenty more hotrod ctgs have been brought to...