WTB or Trade for 6 Dasher brass


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Sep 2, 2019
I just bought a Dasher and need some brass. I am willing to buy or use the new currency trade. I get it if you want to trade and that is no problem. I have a heavy inventory of trade material for reloading. I am not looking to take advantage of this market and would appreciate if you don’t either. I will definitely lean towards you for the trade but not heavily. Thanks all.
I know I have some Dasher rounds in my den. Have you any Nosler 6.5 130 grain AccuBonds or 129 gr. Hornady spirepoints?
I don’t have any of either bullet but appreciate your offer. I did just tonight turn up 1k rounds of Alpha dasher from Brownells but again thanks. If you need any 6.5 123gn I do have some of those I don’t remember if they are Amax or Eld but can check if you have interest.
I would be interested in those 123 gr bullets pm me if you would like