SOLD/EXPIRED WTB- Bead/Sand blasting cabinet

If you do some Internet searching, you can find online plans for constructing a blast cabinet on a DIY basis.

However, I agree with Dr. Vette, the HF cabinet is better than the TSC (Clarke) cabinet. One time that HF junk is better junk.:D
Didn't know TP was srill around. Been to their showroom (in Canfield, Ohio) before and they also offer some nice, high capacity compressors as well.

Sandblasting or bead blasting requires large amounts of compressed air at high pressure so a sizeable compressor is also required as well as moisture removal from the compressed air.

I have a Quincy QP 5.5 horse compressor on a 150 gallon receiver and an IR Reftigerated air dryer to keep the air conditioned....