SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb .30 cal hunting bullets


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Sep 15, 2010
Columbia, MO
I am looking for hunting bullets for my .30-06. I am open to different weights but I prefer 165gr.
Cabelas just got a batch in of 150 and 165gr Accubonds too. They can be hard to find anytime. has the 165gr hunting ballistic tip in stock now too.

The 165 Hunting Ballistic tip is not the NBT of old, the solid base construction and jacket taper matches the Accubond profile so they shoot to same point of impact 99.9% of the time.

Jug testing the 165 Hunting Ballistic tip with average of 4 shots penetrated 4 gal milk jugs and caught in 5th every time. Retained weight at 80 to 90 grains and did not spit out lead core at 25 yds. Impact velocity about 2,700fps +/-.

And of course the accubond & partition is just a no brainer!

165gr Partition and max load of H4350 at 2,800fps, well NOTHING walks away from it.