Writer Needed - Article on How to practice

Andy Backus

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Dec 21, 2009
How to practice to be prepared for a long range shot on a hunt.


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Jan 21, 2008
When I began LRH I would arrive a day earlier at my hunting location. One of my favorite and usually my first hunt took place in foot hills of the Bighorns in Wyoming where there there are countless opportunities for "Rock Shooting", a practice technique somewhat analogous to "Stump Shooting" with a bow. Firstly, The rifle load, zero, and ballistics information is already established at a range before hand. While driving or on foot, I will randomly pick a rock or other suitable object the size of a deers vital area from 500-1200 yards away in a position that I could expect to spot game. This shot will be taken as if it were an actual shot at a game animal. Once chosen, I will set up, guage my shooting parameters/conditions and take one cold bore shot. Hit or miss I will then evaluate what I did right or wrong. If wrong I will attemp the correction and shoot again. then repeat the evaluation. Once satisfied I will move to a different scenario. I think to key to making this practice effective is to treat that rock as if it's a world class trophy giving you limited time for that one successful shot. While shooting steel has its purpose, IMO is too static compared to actual hunting for me.