Women are great shooters!


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Dec 15, 2001
I don't know what the deal is but it seems the most all women are naturally great shooters.

My wife has only shot a rifle four times in her life and never farther than 100 yards. Well yesterday I took her out to the desert to shoot steel at 800,900, and 1000 yards. Her first four shots at 900 impacted center mass and the group size was 4 inches!!

Needless to say we had a great time, and I think she will be wanting her own rifle soon.

I agree with the women being excellent shots. At Williamsport many women do extremely well and end up winning year end aggregates and shooting records.
We have found this to be true for many years now.

You have it made though if the lady likes to shoot with you. Never a problem getting shooting toys and supplies especially if she has her own rifles too.

I want to buy her a good 308 Win this year. It is an expensive hobby and it's nice to have the wife's support.
I think it has alot to do with the fact that we as men ( ok boys ) grew up with preconcieved notions of rifle recoil etc. so we mentally have "flawed" our brains and have had to "re-learn" the correct ways. Most women have been taught correctly from day one and therfore have had not reason to shoot anyway other than the right way.
My wife shoots my 223 PSS like an expert sniper.. day after day she can put 3 under a quarter at 200 yards.. pretty neat when we have hunters here and they are braggin this and that when we are checking rifles... More often then not she humbles them.....
Wyo.. You hit the nail on the head! I used to shoot competative archery years back and my wife (girlfriend) would follow me to tournements. One day she decided she wanted to shoot, got her set up and had a friend show her the basics and she excelled. They don't battle the deamons we do untill the learn more about what their doing...

I have proved this also with my girls and their .22, they have consistantly outshout boys their age. (8 & 10)

Yes women are great natural shooters (to a point) cause of this "innocence". But Daryl sums it up best when he talks of the power of the burnt gunpowder smell, can't wait for my wife to accompany afield again.

My wife had a 'go' a few years ago and loved it.

She told me today that she'd like a Leupold VXIII 6.5-20*40 with turrets for a 20th anniversary gift. And she doesn't blink when I mention Nesika (and she knows what I mean). The perfect woman....
I find that I can teach women to shoot far more easily than men - the women actually listens and does what I tell them to.
I've seen women at Williamsport after they fire their 6 Min sighter round, set the scope on the center of the target ---Look away and pull the trigger during the match round and all 10 shots..

Some of them don't worry about the wind coditions and shoot right through it.
Most time their targets come back with VERY small groups.

The men on the other hand worry about the flags doing switches and shoot the flags as much as possible.

I can't figure it out how the women can shoot through it and have tried for many years now?
It's not just luck everytime either. It happens most of the time to the women. Are they more relaxed then the men? Do they worry less about the conditions they are shooting into? Sure, they get caught from time to time, but normally they do better then the men.

The only thing you can take credit for is----You just tell them, who loaded the ammo for them.

I was shooting in the Palma Individuals at Camp Perry last summer & had been chatting back & forth with some of the NRA referees during the week. One was a gruff, tatooed, Harley dude from up north. Nice guy, just a little stand-offish.

After the 900 yard phase, we packed up & were walking back to the 1,000 yard line. He was shaking his head in bewilderment. I asked what was up & he said, "The last relay had two of the Gallaghers (Michelle & Sherri I think) along with Robin Maly. If THAT'S what it takes to shoot like that, I'm getting a sex change as soon as I get home!!!" That was not the first nor the last time I got trounced by a gal.

Each of those three is a multi-time National Champion in one discipline or another, & contenders as soon as they step up to the line. Not to mention Michelle & Sherri's mother - Nancy Tomkins-Gallagher. Even the rough & ready big-time military shooters show respect & deference around that crowd.

Pysiologically, the ideal sniper or rifleman is theorized as a left handed woman. On average, women have much lower blood pressure, heart rates, and if shooting prone left handed - the left side of the chest is off the ground minimizing pulse effect. If you could find one who's a divorcee, you'd get heartless & cruel to add to the list!

In my experience, women are generally better listeners when it comes to technique & bring no pre-conceived (or ill-conceived) notions to the table. They are usually much easier to instruct on handgun, rifle, and submachinegun skills. Most check their egos at the door.

It's funny how no 'equal rights' groups have picked up on it, but from the Olympics to conventional HP to benchrest, the shooting sports are one of the ONLY sports where women & men compete on a one-on-one basis... and women often WIN!
Wow, I turn around and everyone shows up. LOL

It's like my shooting coach always said stick to the basics; align your sights, hold your point of aim, and sqweeze the triger without moving your gun.

The funny thing is my Heart rate is half the speed of my wife's, so I can't blame it on that.
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