SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester model 70 7mm Remington Magnum


Jun 3, 2009
I have a Winchester Model 70 XTR Sporter Magnum in 7mm Rem Mag. It has a wood stock that is not in pristine condition by any means there are nicks, scratchs and some minor gouges, the bluing is also not the darkest it can be and there was a slight burr that was filed off at the end of the barrel (outside of the barrel) not by the crown. It has an older sightron 3-12x42 scope that has some slight scratches on the glass and shows some wear on the tube. The jewling on the bolt need touched up also. I did have a rifle basix trigger installed in this rifle and it is sweet. Very crisp. I am just disclosing all of this information so if anyone buys this rifle from me they are not disapointed when the recieve it. Pictures are available on request or until I can get them posted.

I would like to get $600 out of this rig (shipped) as it sits in a hard case or $525 without the scope (shipped). This rifle shoots very nice and will make anyone an awesome deer rifle or a solid action to build a custom rifle. This is one of those rifles where you will not have to worry about taking it into the field and worry about getting a scratch on the stock.

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