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Sep 26, 2011
Jun 3, 2009
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Sep 26, 2011
    1. Magnumwill
      I am actually thinking of heading back out that way this summer with my dad, old roommate from college and his dad. When I went out I was shooting a CZ 550 Varmint in 22-250 and sold it a few months back as I had not gone p-dog shooting for 6 years. But I just ordered a Handi-rifle today for that task so if after this summer I dont go again I dont have an expensive gun sitting in the safe that I dont use that often.
      The CZ shot lights out but it was a heavy rifle to lug around. I think the single shot will keep me from shooting as many rounds also and slow things down some. One of the coolest tricks we learned was to use a portable turkey blind the ones that just use the stakes and put that up in front of you when your shooting and the dog cant see you that well so the close ones come back up. Good luck with the load development. That is one of the funnest parts.
    2. oldmanrich
      thanks for the good word on cooper rifles. I hurt my back the day after I bought it, and have not shot it yet! Hoping to have good loads worked up before summer though. If you get back in my area maybe we can some more dogs to control. what gun do you use on them? oldmanrich
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