Why is 870 & 8700 soooo cheap?



I was looking through a shooting catalog tonight, and was pricing out rifle powder. These 2 powders were waaay cheaper than the others. Can anybody elaborate why this is so? Also, I see H870 is shown as the top powder for 160 gr. in 7mm Rem Mag, but it uses alot more powder than the others for the maxed load. Why does it use so much more?
Hey Big just an observation and I don't mean to cause any confusion or trouble, hopefully I'm wrong. But, I noticed that you and Troll are both from earth and happen to want to shoot the same type and caliber gun. If I'm wrong please accept my appology up front. If you are Troll then the best way to get answers are to come out and ask honestly without hiding. You can get more RESPECT that way it doesn't matter how old you are just that you conduct yourself in a proper way. Everyone please accept my appology for stating this but I don't want to see anyone get hurting in any manner.

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Now, can anybody tell me why 870 type powder is so dang inexpensive??

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Ok if I remember right 870 or it may have been wc870 that was a pull down or surplus powder that the millitary was using. Also from what I recall you might want to try H1000. There is a site called accurrate reloading that would also help out.
Hodgdon quit making H870 almost a year ago. The closest you will find to it is WC872, a military surplus powder. Other good powders to try are H1000, H4831SC and Retumbo.
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It seems you are having trouble using this user name now too, still wonder why? I don't think you could have started out on any worse ground, and you simply made it worse the more you spoke... those were concious decisions on your part my friend. Too bad for you it wasn't tolerated, you could have learned much had your head been in the right place... these guys are very generous with their knowledge and time until proven they're just wasting their time.
Seems your learning curve just flatlined in some respect.
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