Why does LRH have rules against "complaint threads"?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Len Backus, Sep 1, 2013.

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    May 2, 2001
    This rule applies whether they are an LRH Sponsor or not, or whether or not they are a product we sell.

    If someone said: "XYZ product is giving me the following trouble. Can you tell me how to fix it? That's productive and ok. If you say "XYZ product is trash, they should be punished for selling trash as I have just described it", that is not ok.

    A court of law is pretty fair and relatively productive...most of the time. Certain rules of evidence apply, there's a judge who spends a LOT of time making sure accurate statements are being made. The accused knows he's being accused and has the choice of defendinbg himself. There's a lawyer representing the accused at great expense. If the public follows the entire trial from start to finish, they have a pretty good idea of truth and accuracy. But even then, not totally.

    If the public at a trial (or reading a forum thread) only peers in once in a while, they have no complete and accurate assessment as to truth and accuracy.

    If the judge is absent some of the days, things get out of control as to the rules of evidence. I decided long ago that this is my living room and I don't want to be a judge or referee...over every post in certain types of threads that may go on for weeks.

    In the past we had some complaint threads with 50 or more replies and 1,000 or more views. Truth and accuracy may not have revealed itself until the 49th post. Most people who read the first few posts of a 50 post thread that goes on for days or weeks NEVER read to the end. So they never know that the complainant conceded hs error in the 49th post. That's not very helpful to others relying on LRH for good accurate info and it sure isn't fair to the product or person being trashed.

    If you think I am wrong and that forum threads are a good, accurate and fair way of handling issues like this then we could all save a LOT of money by abolishing the courts and lawyers. We'll just have the world's legal issues be handled by forums.

    But even then you'd have to NOT do it in MY living room.