Who's delt with this custom shop


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Jun 13, 2007
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Re: Who\'s delt with this custom shop

Good sound advice.

When someone starts making wild claims that are unsubstantiated by the shooting community, odds are 100-1 that they are selling snake oil.

If someone truly has something new and that wonderfull, it would be all over the gun mags and shooters everywhere would be trying it and singing its praise.

Re: Who\'s delt with this custom shop

Thanx alot, I won't touch them with a 1000yd shot, man that rhymes, thanx for the advise fellas 'cause you're right, instead of being a small add on the back page it would be a half a page starting from the front, l8tr, Ceejack2.
Who\'s delt with this custom shop

I was looking through the back of one of my gun magazines & I came across an ad for Webster's Custom Arms, www.tack-driver.com They have some type of special metal treatment that increases velocity & barrel life. Can anyone confirm these statements? Thanx, Ceejack2
Re: Who\'s delt with this custom shop

interesting they say nothing about burning the throat out. I say buyer beware sounds fanciful to me
Re: Who\'s delt with this custom shop

ya no what I find kind of amusing? I was reading this guys page and as mentioned on the post above about burning the throat out I decided to write a email to them asking about the throat.. This was 2 weeks ago and I still didnt get a returned email!!!!! I would say they are full of sh**!!!!!!!

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